Not feeling it.


10K in Bournemouth, done but not my best day out.

I had been looking forward to retuning to Bournemouth for a whole year, the Marathon Festival is a great event offering everything from a kids kilometre up to Marathon distance over 2 days by the seaside.

The kids got on well with their races, 1.5K and 2K out and back along the seafront. My turn came at 4pm. I think a combination of a later start, travelling and not thinking my fuelling strategy through properly led to my downfall.

I knew from the off that I didn’t feel right, maybe I needed more of a gentle warm up and had missed my strides. First mile down, ok, but then every mile thereafter seemed to be never-ending. The route was super flat, along the seafront, the weather was fine, cloudy and cool. Down we ran and up and around the first pier turning point, back towards Bournemouth, I realised that we were now to run all the way back into the wind. Keeping going, ticking the miles off, but not at the pace I had hoped, but still on par with other 10K’s and much better than my previous Marathon pace. Reaching Bournemouth up and around the pier at mile 5, felt I can give everything I have now for the final mile, which seemed to also never end. Then the final loop back to the finish line. 50 minutes, job done. No PB, but you can’t get a PB every time, this was a good lesson learned.

Think my fuel intake was not sufficient and without my normal warm up, feel I started on the back foot.

We returned for our final event of the day at 7pm, supernova 5K, in the dark! This is what running is about, lots of laughs, everyone in lights, glowsticks and head torches. The kids loved it and managed 39 minutes, a PB for Zoe to end the day. Fun, fun, fun.

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