Fitness countdown to Christmas.


I cannot believe over a month and more has passed since I last sat down to write in this blog. I have been keeping the Facebook blog page regularly updated, but taking the time to sit down, think and write has not happened. But I thought I would think and write about my planned run/fitness streak (25th Nov – 25th Dec) to keep me fit in winter and focused up to Christmas.

I realised quite by accident that I started my streak early on Saturday 18th November. I attended the wonderful inaugural Eastville parkrun along with an amazing 678 other people, the biggest first parkrun I understand and 3rd largest ever recorded amount of people. Wow.

The next day, I had a 10K at Castle Combe, the weather was perfect and I managed a PB, 47:40. Yay!

On Monday I returned to the gym and took in a nice and steady circuits class, recovering from the day before and in the evening, managed to get through a 444 calorie burn out at GloEnvy. That was hard, but such fun too.

Tuesday, I got a nice 5K in and helped support a fellow run leader at a couch to 5K, lovely leader and lovely group. Followed by coffee and cake.

Wednesday morning was spent with some improver group runners, taking in a freedom run at Ashton Court parkrun, taking on the hill, tough and windy, but very rewarding.

Thursday and still feeling good. Today is strength day, free weights followed by Pilates. Lovely.

Friday. Time to try something new with ‘rise and shine’ yoga and my first visit to Yoga Furie. Generally relaxing and good to stretch, but a few shakes and wobbles thrown in too. Need to try their hot yoga.

Back to Saturday, the day I decided to start my run/fitness streak, as it’s 30 days until Christmas. I should really rest and forgot I had by accident already started the streak, but was tempted by that hill again at Ashton Court, with legs that felt like lead, I managed some how to get up the 2.5K climb, then let gravity take me back down in 27 minutes. Felt happy and not damaged, which is the main thing.

Sunday was great, out for a celebration run at Trust10 Tyntesfield. Option for one or 2 5K loops, up and down, through the woods, on paths, up lanes and across the field. Great to see friendly faces from Run4Life. 55:55, happy with that, but definitely went out too fast and suffered later on.

Back to Monday and realised today is actually day 10! Oops. Back to Circuits, but different PT as alternate weeks, so class can be very different, this week it was harder and the heating was on, so it was ‘hot circuits’. Survived and decided tonight no Glo-sticks. Good food and rest.

Tuesday – back to trying something new. Tonight it’s kettlebells, scared and excited…….

My fitness countdown to Christmas has began….

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